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Twig Lips is a self-taught artist. She has been painting professionally since 2017, transforming canvas with oil, acrylic, and surprising materials which add a sculptural dimension to her work.


Derived from the artist’s original source of inspiration, her nom de plume sprung from her fascination with the mouth and the painting of lips. From this seed sprouted the evolution of growth which sprung into the signature flowers that remain integral to her work today.


Twig Lips intuitively channels her paintings, creating pieces that align with her vision of balance between dynamic magnetism and that which imbues both harmony and power for the viewer. Twig Lips is a constant reinvention of herself. Her bold colors paired with delicate details make for a reimagined abstraction. She opens conversation between art and the metaphysical world and our relationship to nature. More rare, her oil portraits reveal a duality of raw emotion and modern influence.



For all inquiries, please contact Amanda at

Instagram: @twig.lips

TikTok: @twiglips

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